Monday, December 29, 2008

Some happenings..hehe. Ü

We went on vacation for Christmas. haha.

Updates later. Ü

Creativity is gone again. ÜÜÜ

Sunday, December 21, 2008

dashboard, swooning over the

I am so loving that "101 posts in the dashboard...

Only now, it's already 100 and 2.

I guess there's absolutely nothing I can do about things that I love...they are so going to change..haha. Ü

- -

What started as a sign of progressing in my blog, became something mushy..haha.

I hate myself today...and as I made the point earlier [in my pen-and-notebook twin hehe], I believe it's okay to hate myself sometimes...I can assess myself and yeah, see more things to hate...and then learn to accept myself as me...huh? haha.

whatever. Ü

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Copper Beech

Got the image here.

I really enjoyed reading this book, which was some sort of a surprise since I never did like Maeve Binchy's Tara Road [review later]. I fell in love, got hurt, speculated, gossiped [well, figuratively], got excited and rejoiced with the characters.

The Copper Beech, for me, was a representation of the line that goes, "you never know" . It was a story of a town, as seen by different eyes, each telling his own experiences, confessing something he did which is most of the times a secret to everybody else but the reader [me] and himself and the Copper Beech Tree. It was, as the 'teaser' [printed on the cover of the book] said it:

...But not even Father Gunn, the parish priest, who knows most of what goes on
behind Shancarrig's closed doors, or Dr. Jims, the village doctor, who knows all
the rest, realizes that not everything in the placid village is what it seems.
...the young people carve their initials and those of their loves, into the
copper beech tree in front of the school house

What I really liked in this is the way the people of Shancarrig, the village, seem to have different it would always appear in this kind of story. I mean, on one chapter he is something...on the next, he is something else. It shows the human nature to prejudge someone...or postjudge someone...and thus forming different 'generalizations' of that someone. [I am sorry if I am being vague.]

I loved the fact that no one would really know it all but the copper beech tree and me [of course]. Haha. Ü

All in all: Loved it. Better than Tara Road.

Friday, December 19, 2008

100 things [100th post!]

Finally, after almost a month, I have the time!! This is a very random list, so read only if you can stand randomness. So to start [I'll try and keep each number short, promise]:

  1. My full name is Jaimee Nichole Catipon Castillo.
  2. I have a big brother, 4 years older. And we look a lot like each other. Ü
  3. I am a blog-whore. Can't get enough of blogging communities. Ü
  4. I am addicted to pictures..though it's not obvious. Ü
  5. I believe I have chronic insomnia. Ü But I love love love sleeping. Ü
  6. I am obviously hooked with Ü's. hehe
  7. I hate lizards...all kinds..they give me the worst kind of goosebumps.
  8. I also have this growing abhorrence of our house is crawling with them.
  9. I am in my first year in college.
  10. I am taking up Electronics and Communications Engg.
  11. in the University of the Philippines - Diliman.
  12. I read. A lot. and I believe that keeps me sane.
  13. I have this dream of being able to adopt a child someday.
  14. I am a Youth for Christ member...and also serve through Kids for Christ..
  15. My mom, dad, big bro and I are all Christian Catholics.
  16. I have this tendency to get dislocated about everything.
  17. My sense of balance is zero. I stumble upon everything...but I know how to ride the bike. Ü
  18. I am learning to drive Dad's van.
  19. And to play the guitar.
  20. And to be less rant-ing, and be more grateful.
  21. I have this dream of writing for a magazine...not entirely in line with my course, but yeah.
  22. I can't sleep properly without Taba (translation for 'FAT') [nicknamed Tabee.], my pillow since I was a kid. Ü
  23. The family treats her [Tabee] as family. hehe. Ü
  24. I easily get hooked to songs and when I already am, I play them over and over and over again.
  25. They got my name by adding an extra 'e' to my Dad's name: Jaime. Ü
  26. I believe I can sing...not spectacularly, but yeah, I think I can carry some tune.
  27. I did not like the Twilight saga.
  28. I am a can't-get-over-Harry-Potter fan.
  29. I feel the grief of the parents who never witnessed their child/ren grow up. IDK why.
  30. I easily cry when I read poignant stories...
  31. I rarely cry when I am hearing them..afraid that my grief would surpass the teller's.
  32. I really want to have a body part henna-tattooed. But mom and dad don't approve of it.
  33. I suck at Drafting.
  34. My creativiy is chronic, too. Sometimes there, sometimes none at all.
  35. I was told that I am like a car bumper...
  36. ...I absorb shock.
  37. ..and people share things about themselves with me...
  38. which I think is a major blessing...hey, what isn't? Ü
  39. I love to travel.
  40. I have plans of going to places.
  41. I have problems of travelling to always have extra things..
  42. I used to find it highly disconcerting to break rules...
  43. I am learning not to feel that way. Ü [bad bad]
  44. I will never abandon my family.
  45. Or any of my friends.
  46. Especially, never my faith.
  47. I am friendly.
  48. But I have this tendency to be a snob, due to overwhelming shyness.
  49. I am in love with Christmas.
  50. I am single for as long as I can remember. hehe. Ü
  51. and I love it.
  52. I am 17. Will be of age next July. Ü
  53. I have a [to quote my Eng10 teacher] 'brain too small for' remembering birthdates.
  54. I am afraid that I flunked all the long exams I took before the Christmas break.
  55. I seriously want AND need a computer with me in the University.
  56. A movie marathon-er wanna be. But, I dont have the resources.
  57. I am bit by bit memorizing the almost every mark on the keys have gone.
  58. I am learning to have this in my heart: "Whatever that is you've gone through, still, blessed be the name of the Lord."
  59. I rarely get sick, but when I do, it's a bomb.
  60. I want to learn at least one of the martial arts. Ü
  61. And to be able to play a piece with a violin.
  62. I have a 20/20 vision...better, I think.
  63. Though I think I am going a teeeny weeny bit deaf.
  64. I used to like swimming..
  65. I started to avoid them when water enters my ears and would actually stay there forever.
  66. I am a bit paranoid.
  67. I wish I have legos, still.
  68. I am craving for Oreos, right now. Sugar rush.
  69. I find it hard to let go of things...that's why I am dislocated.
  70. I am constantly homesick.
  71. I love lanyards and lan laces...hate wearing them.
  72. I am crying right now..because of this and this. Stories of stillbirths.
  73. I am wishing Dad and Mom were home. Today's dad's birthday! I remembered! hha. Ü
  74. While I am writing this, the internet connection went off twice.
  75. I am missing press(ed) works in a newspaper.
  76. I want to be in a production team...those behind-the-scenes people
  77. I crave for cold coffee about once a month...
  78. I want to have a coffee-house-like nook in my future house. Ü
  79. I am in love with vintage things.
  80. I want to have longer patience.
  81. When I was a baby, it was debated upon if all of blood should be 'drained' and then replaced with some of my dad's.
  82. I had some blood infection, then. Mom and Dad's bloods dont go well together.
  83. I was color yellow for some time.
  84. They did not do the 'draining' thing.
  85. I was told there were some complications in my liver, but otherwise, it's definitely okay. Ü
  86. I once thought that I was jocular...
  87. but I turned inward (shyness), and I think I am not an effective joker.
  88. What I love most during vacation? Idle time. [lazy lazy]
  89. The connection's off again.
  90. I get scared when this happens...90 things already! haha. Ü
  91. I am still spooked by the dark.
  92. I hate doing the dishes.
  93. I'd rather clean the bathroom.
  94. I am a sinner.
  95. I use cuss words.
  96. I love my family like crazy, though I dont often show it.
  97. I choose to believe...I know God will supply the faith.
  98. I have a nun-aunt! Wishing her company every once in a while...only met her once.
  99. The only things I can hear now [apart from the typing sounds] are the hum of the fridge and my brother's snoring. hehe. Ü
  100. my heart overflows with my Saviour's love...

Yes! done it! haha. ÜÜ