Friday, December 19, 2008

100 things [100th post!]

Finally, after almost a month, I have the time!! This is a very random list, so read only if you can stand randomness. So to start [I'll try and keep each number short, promise]:

  1. My full name is Jaimee Nichole Catipon Castillo.
  2. I have a big brother, 4 years older. And we look a lot like each other. Ü
  3. I am a blog-whore. Can't get enough of blogging communities. Ü
  4. I am addicted to pictures..though it's not obvious. Ü
  5. I believe I have chronic insomnia. Ü But I love love love sleeping. Ü
  6. I am obviously hooked with Ü's. hehe
  7. I hate lizards...all kinds..they give me the worst kind of goosebumps.
  8. I also have this growing abhorrence of our house is crawling with them.
  9. I am in my first year in college.
  10. I am taking up Electronics and Communications Engg.
  11. in the University of the Philippines - Diliman.
  12. I read. A lot. and I believe that keeps me sane.
  13. I have this dream of being able to adopt a child someday.
  14. I am a Youth for Christ member...and also serve through Kids for Christ..
  15. My mom, dad, big bro and I are all Christian Catholics.
  16. I have this tendency to get dislocated about everything.
  17. My sense of balance is zero. I stumble upon everything...but I know how to ride the bike. Ü
  18. I am learning to drive Dad's van.
  19. And to play the guitar.
  20. And to be less rant-ing, and be more grateful.
  21. I have this dream of writing for a magazine...not entirely in line with my course, but yeah.
  22. I can't sleep properly without Taba (translation for 'FAT') [nicknamed Tabee.], my pillow since I was a kid. Ü
  23. The family treats her [Tabee] as family. hehe. Ü
  24. I easily get hooked to songs and when I already am, I play them over and over and over again.
  25. They got my name by adding an extra 'e' to my Dad's name: Jaime. Ü
  26. I believe I can sing...not spectacularly, but yeah, I think I can carry some tune.
  27. I did not like the Twilight saga.
  28. I am a can't-get-over-Harry-Potter fan.
  29. I feel the grief of the parents who never witnessed their child/ren grow up. IDK why.
  30. I easily cry when I read poignant stories...
  31. I rarely cry when I am hearing them..afraid that my grief would surpass the teller's.
  32. I really want to have a body part henna-tattooed. But mom and dad don't approve of it.
  33. I suck at Drafting.
  34. My creativiy is chronic, too. Sometimes there, sometimes none at all.
  35. I was told that I am like a car bumper...
  36. ...I absorb shock.
  37. ..and people share things about themselves with me...
  38. which I think is a major blessing...hey, what isn't? Ü
  39. I love to travel.
  40. I have plans of going to places.
  41. I have problems of travelling to always have extra things..
  42. I used to find it highly disconcerting to break rules...
  43. I am learning not to feel that way. Ü [bad bad]
  44. I will never abandon my family.
  45. Or any of my friends.
  46. Especially, never my faith.
  47. I am friendly.
  48. But I have this tendency to be a snob, due to overwhelming shyness.
  49. I am in love with Christmas.
  50. I am single for as long as I can remember. hehe. Ü
  51. and I love it.
  52. I am 17. Will be of age next July. Ü
  53. I have a [to quote my Eng10 teacher] 'brain too small for' remembering birthdates.
  54. I am afraid that I flunked all the long exams I took before the Christmas break.
  55. I seriously want AND need a computer with me in the University.
  56. A movie marathon-er wanna be. But, I dont have the resources.
  57. I am bit by bit memorizing the almost every mark on the keys have gone.
  58. I am learning to have this in my heart: "Whatever that is you've gone through, still, blessed be the name of the Lord."
  59. I rarely get sick, but when I do, it's a bomb.
  60. I want to learn at least one of the martial arts. Ü
  61. And to be able to play a piece with a violin.
  62. I have a 20/20 vision...better, I think.
  63. Though I think I am going a teeeny weeny bit deaf.
  64. I used to like swimming..
  65. I started to avoid them when water enters my ears and would actually stay there forever.
  66. I am a bit paranoid.
  67. I wish I have legos, still.
  68. I am craving for Oreos, right now. Sugar rush.
  69. I find it hard to let go of things...that's why I am dislocated.
  70. I am constantly homesick.
  71. I love lanyards and lan laces...hate wearing them.
  72. I am crying right now..because of this and this. Stories of stillbirths.
  73. I am wishing Dad and Mom were home. Today's dad's birthday! I remembered! hha. Ü
  74. While I am writing this, the internet connection went off twice.
  75. I am missing press(ed) works in a newspaper.
  76. I want to be in a production team...those behind-the-scenes people
  77. I crave for cold coffee about once a month...
  78. I want to have a coffee-house-like nook in my future house. Ü
  79. I am in love with vintage things.
  80. I want to have longer patience.
  81. When I was a baby, it was debated upon if all of blood should be 'drained' and then replaced with some of my dad's.
  82. I had some blood infection, then. Mom and Dad's bloods dont go well together.
  83. I was color yellow for some time.
  84. They did not do the 'draining' thing.
  85. I was told there were some complications in my liver, but otherwise, it's definitely okay. Ü
  86. I once thought that I was jocular...
  87. but I turned inward (shyness), and I think I am not an effective joker.
  88. What I love most during vacation? Idle time. [lazy lazy]
  89. The connection's off again.
  90. I get scared when this happens...90 things already! haha. Ü
  91. I am still spooked by the dark.
  92. I hate doing the dishes.
  93. I'd rather clean the bathroom.
  94. I am a sinner.
  95. I use cuss words.
  96. I love my family like crazy, though I dont often show it.
  97. I choose to believe...I know God will supply the faith.
  98. I have a nun-aunt! Wishing her company every once in a while...only met her once.
  99. The only things I can hear now [apart from the typing sounds] are the hum of the fridge and my brother's snoring. hehe. Ü
  100. my heart overflows with my Saviour's love...

Yes! done it! haha. ÜÜ

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