Tuesday, September 23, 2008


She reads books...>

I think the book's great. Really. Despite that I did not expect much from it, for reasons that I myself do not know, reading it and following the three main characters had been fun.

It was that great that I, also, felt the urge to actually kick Briony and make her realize the injustice of what she had done. It had me squirming (?) for the world to see that the victims were just victims.

Then, i was thrown off guard by the last bit. I did not see that coming. I was told that I had the knack of feeling where the book is heading, but with Atonment, I failed. I flipped the pages again and again, trying to understand what had just happened with the story that I was so absorbed in. And when I did realize what the author did, I found myself saying "nice" too much that my roommate asked me what the matter was.

All in all: Briony's tale was superbly told.

on why I've been away.

I have been neglecting all of my blogs these paset few weeks or so. Frankly, I could not see why. I have free time, 17 hours free internet in the main library and all that.

Really, I wonder why.

Also, I have not read any book since my last, ATONEMENT (which exceeded my expectations, if I do say so myself), and still, I do not know why.

True, I have lots of exam coming up, I have several articels which are due sometime soon, but seeing that I have not started acting on those matters....

...I also do not feel that I have that long stretch of time, with nothing to do but to stare at the ceiling of my roon..

- - - - - - - - - > > > >>

Maybe it's just me....haha. of course. Darn.

Monday, September 15, 2008

going back

haizzz...I still want to stay here.

AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Freaking out

Someone's been searching for me in the net. People may ask, "so what? go get a life." I see their point. It might not even be me they're searching for. Or if it was me, maybe it was someone I know, who remembered I keep blogs and all.

Well, to tell the truth, the only thing that freaks me out is the fact that it might have been one of my family. haha. I really dont know. But I am not very comfortable with my family knowing the depths of my mind. I rather keep those to myself, thank you. haha. yet, I write them here. Whatever.

I am soooooo weird. I cant understand myself. Maybe I need to re-know me. Ü

Friday, September 12, 2008


Many would prefer a cup of expensive ice cream with swirls of Belgian chocolate. Frankly, I could not see why. For apart from the nice taste, which include the "fragrance" of the chocolate that I find sickening when taken in large doses, and the classy look one would immediately acquire as one starts to eat it, I still find it as a rather pretentious thing to eat.

Well, everyone has his own taste, and as for me, I would rather have the fresh, soft tofu, with the sweet, sticky carmelized sugar for syrup, garnished with chewy sago: locally known as Taho. Served in a disposable cup, with a disposable spoon or a fraction of a straw, steaming and giving off such a delicious scent, it is an eveyday thing for me and as far as I can tell, for the common Filipinos, as well.

I really love the way taho's ingredients counterbalance each other. The blackish brown of the arnibal (carmelized sugar) breaks the monotony of the white of the tofu and together blend an interesting mix of colors that are appealing to the eyes. Also, the sweetness of the syrup is made acceptable by the neutrality of the tofu. The sago, on the other hand, provides texture to the otherwise too smooth a way the other two feel to the mouth.

Apart from the way it affects my senses, taho also serves a reminder. A reminder of early mornings, waking up to manong's "Tahoooo! Tahoooo kayo riyan!", of rushing out of the house with my brother, tousled hair and morning breaths, and demanding the adults for some of the taho. Also, taho connects me to the masses. For, interestingly enough, taho is also now a diversion, an alternative, to the more popular morning habit of the Filipinos called "kape at pandesal", and having it any time of the day, everyday, is just a very Filipino thing to do.

Now, do not get me wrong. I do enjoy a cup of expensive ice cream with swirls of Belgian chocolate. It's just that eating something like that worries me. I mean, it leaves me penniless and I have to think of a way to compensate. With taho, however, I can have a local version of the costly stuff, and I can always have it...guilt-free, financially, that is.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

John Grisham...

...never fails to surprise me. Surprise in a good way, of course. I just loved every bit of his books that I have read. I know I am far behind, yes, but I have heard people talking of his writing prowess, and I believe all of those that I have heard. Ü

So his books are on the top of my TBR list...which I do make, really, if its only in my head...at least. Ü

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table

Image from here.
I have never really knew any of the tales of King Arthur and of any of his knights. Well, I know that King Arthur was the one who was able to pull the sword and he became the greatest king of his realm, but apart from that...I was ignorant.
Then, there came this book. I borrowed it from a friend last summer. I did not read it immediately for I was sort ot uninterested. Just the same, I brought it with me when I packed the books that I would like to read in the university. Then, only last week, I tried to read the first part again and was drawn into the stories.
Roger Lancelyn Green did a good job of telling the adventures of the knights. I learned a lot, really. It was nice to read something like this, I mean, something quite unlike the other books that I have been perusing. Ü
I remember looking at my brother while he was reading the book and I wondered how can he put up with it. I first thought that it was a tedious read, boring and the like. i dont know what came to me and I liked it a lot out of a sudden.
All in all: Enlightening. A good read.

Really, be careful what you wish for.

I got my wish of so long (that I finally make a paper) and am currently being torn by the complexity of it all.

/sigh/ And I actually thought I would enjoy it. I have been staring at the monitor for several hours, and my work is actually nothing, rubbish, garbage. Totally a waste. It is already 5 AM here...I need some rest.


Friday, September 5, 2008

on the 41st..Ü

Yes, I am still progressing! Book number 40 is done. ÜÜ

I dont know but I am really a fast reader but these past months have been a drag...it's so un-me. Well, anyway, I am moving on...which is always a good thing, isn't it?


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

-ber months are here!

So, it's the 2nd day of September. Finally, after the longish wait, here comes the -ber months! As in those ending with -ber.

Actually, this only means one thing: Christmas is nearing. Yey! My favorite time of the year is almost here. The days are shorter, the nights longer and colder; people seem to be more tolerant and are relatively kinder; ...and the list goes on.

I really dont know why I always feel this way every year. Maybe because of the fact that mom always, as in always, start to play the old Christmas songs on September first....or maybe it is just the season.

- - - - - - > > > >

I just can't wait to go home and listen to the songs that I''ve heard, every year, during september first....and during the days after.