Monday, May 12, 2008

Kindertransport - Book Review

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The book tells of another side of the Holocaust that few of us know about. It revolved not on the camps, not on trying to survive day-by-day in fact, more of the story occured in foreign lands. It is about a brave decision of a mom to send her eleven-year old girl away so as to escape the growing dangers in their own country. It narrates how the girl tried to cope with the new surroundings, new people, new language. It tells of how she strived to be accepted in a world totally new and different from where she came from. It shows how she acted in an ungrateful way to everyone...with everyone (even herself) not knowing that all she needs is genuine love and affection, the two things that are so difficult to give to a child not your own. It is Ollie's story.

Kindertransport was written in a way that you can feel Ollie's own longing tugging at your heart. It was as if she kept a diary all can still see the purity of the eleven-year old girl who waved at her Mama and Oma until they can no longer be seen. Though, one will also "feel" that she matures as she grows...

It's not so much 'dark' so the kids can read it and relate to it but it nonetheless conveyed all the fears and horror and pain troubled times (like in wars) can cause us. It is a perfect example that life goes on, no matter what...and that one just has to keep on holding on to the things that keep one alive.

It is a beautiful read.

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Anonymous said...

I think this book is also so very touching. I'm only 13-years-old, even though I'm young I can imagen how this little girl who is younger than me can go through something so dramatic. I personally admire Ollie for her courage and just how well she was able to deal with everything.