Saturday, May 3, 2008

And I've spent an hour poring over the campus map they posted on the web...

I have not been able to keep up with my postings everyone can see.

So, updates!!

I finally downloaded the images ot one of my cleaning fits..hehe..the only question now is when do i get the urge to upload them..hehe.Ü

I had my hair done by one of the most expensive salons here in our place...and I don't like the looks of it. *sobs*

My enrolment is on monday! (I have probably mention it some posts ago.Ü bear wth me please.Ü) Mom and Dad are going with me...Mom to help me with my registration process and Dad to, I think, look for an alternative residence since the dorm has no results yet. Then on the 6th, I will go, yet again, to the University to attend the Freshman Orientation Program...on the 6th I have to go alone. Weee...I am so excited and anxious and nervous about it that I feel my tummy churning as I type away...but then again it might just be the lateness of the hour (11:50 PM of the 3rd) and all of my supper must have been digested already.hehe..Ü

Oh, and i finally got that ringtone that has been in my fantasies for so long..hhe..again, this is something behind the trends but still....hre it isÜ
"tut tut tut...paging the driver of the black BMW, please proceed to the lobby now...tut tut tut"

I'm in Cloud 9!


Carrie said...

Keep up the good work.

nikKi said...

hi! thanks! Ü