Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The end of classes!

I am so excited for tomorrow! It would be the last of my summer classes. Yes, I told everyone that I was bored...but it's not because of the actual lessons (they're pretty good; I learned loads) but merely, it is the fact that I do not have anyone to talk to. haha. I am not a snob, just shy and quiet with new people.

Hmm. Today, I was taught how to fix some 'minor' problems of cellphones. I now know how to openline, to upgrade and update. I still need to have some more tries to get the hang of it. I managed to upgrades some cellphones of some of my classmates, though.

I believe mom would be disappointed when she learns that I might not be going back to my classes after tomorrow. What should I say to her? haha. I really dont know.


Will I ever make the 100th book? /sigh/ Ü

Reading challenge update: 15th book just finished. 16th book on progress.

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