Monday, May 26, 2008

first month and 40th post just occured to me that I have not celebrated my first month here in blogger. Actually, ever since I posted "Newbie", I was already planning to do something special for my first month.

And tada! I forgot it. My bad.

Anyway, since this is my 40th post (is that a notable thing? /sigh/), I think I could do that celebration here. It's just that, I dont know how to do it. haha.

I am saving that "100 things 'bout me" article for my 100th post, so I cant do a '40 thing about me' today.

Oh, I know. Now this is not a really good thing but it is new nonetheless. Ü I am marking this day with the links of my other pages, my other blogs. haha. I said I'd do that a while ago and now, I will. Ü

The links would be on the sidebar.Ü

Friendster, Multiply and LiveJournal accounts. Ü Anyone here uses them, too? Please add me (now that's a fat chance! haha.. I still have no blog friends here. haha). That sounded bitter, haha. Well, I am not, in case you're wondering. Ü

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