Tuesday, September 23, 2008


She reads books...>

I think the book's great. Really. Despite that I did not expect much from it, for reasons that I myself do not know, reading it and following the three main characters had been fun.

It was that great that I, also, felt the urge to actually kick Briony and make her realize the injustice of what she had done. It had me squirming (?) for the world to see that the victims were just victims.

Then, i was thrown off guard by the last bit. I did not see that coming. I was told that I had the knack of feeling where the book is heading, but with Atonment, I failed. I flipped the pages again and again, trying to understand what had just happened with the story that I was so absorbed in. And when I did realize what the author did, I found myself saying "nice" too much that my roommate asked me what the matter was.

All in all: Briony's tale was superbly told.

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