Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Nanny Diaries

Got the image here.

It was just luck that I got this book. I was browsing in a BookSale outlet and there'e this buy-one-take-one promo. I spotted a book that I really like [after about an hour of searching] and the problem was I still haven't picked up the second one. So, what I did was, I picked a book at random then paid for my purchase.

At the van, I got curious about my second, random book. So I looked inside the bag and was surprised that it was a title that I recognize. Haha. I think I might have read it from another blog. Haha.

Review: It was indeed a good book. I enjoyed the way the story turns from being "Ahww!" to "Grrr" to "Ahww!" again. I mean, it was full of emotions. You were laughing like a maniac over a sentence and was suddenly angered or irritated by the next.

I learned to love Grayer [the kid], and his antics made me want to find a four-year-old and be his nanny. Really. I was amazed at how Nanny [the lead] managed him and his overly bossy and assuming mom and his indifferent dad and their huge family problem. Yeah, it was amazing.

These plus Nanny's hh [Harvard hottie] and the parties and the university life and the crazy world of kids with too rich parents and the injustice of it all = me reading until the very end. Ü

All in all: A really nice read.

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