Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Lion's Game [and I]

This wont be a real review [as if I have written something worthy of my books Ü]. I mean, this will be just our story, as in the book and I. I believe that there's this story beyond the plot of the book, one that involves the reader/owner, don't you think?


It started with a previous read, Plum Island by Nelson DeMille. It features John Corey. I loved Corey's character so much that I wanted to read everything of DeMille's. But, I soon found out that I don't want any other lead characters...I only want John Corey. Then, at about the same time, I learned that there were a few more books which features him as lead. The search began.

The search was the hard part. I already saw the third book [Wild Fire], but of course, I wanted the 2nd book, and since I dont have all the resources in the world [I dont have enough money! Ü], I continued plowing through book sales mall after mall. One that complicated the search was the fact that I did not have the sense to look up what particular title I was looking for. [Darn] I looked for books written by DeMille, read the teaser and then was disappointed for that's not the 2nd. It was only after 2 months of searching that I became certain of the title [The Lion's Game]. I AM NOT THE BRIGHTEST! hha. Ü I was only certain that Wild Fire was the third because of the teaser, haha, there seemed to be a gap if that was to be the 2nd. Ü

So I continued. Ransacked all the fiction section of the book sales af all the accesible malls in our area. Then, nearing the end of the 3rd month, all the efforts were rewarded! Haha. Ü I found it at a previously searched outlet. Actually, it was still pricey, know the feeling. I bought it anyway.

Then, another obstacle stood in my way. Ü I was currently reading another book and per [my] policy, I never put any unfinished book away and start with a new one. So, I waited impatiently until I was through with it....then, indulged!!

The book did not disappoint me. It made the wait worth it. Haha. The story is to die for. Corey is loveable as ever. haha Ü. And you know how an exciting movie ends? When the credits suddenly show and there's this musical score that still sneds chills down your spine? Yep, that's how The Lion's Game ended. There was just this abrupt thing but it's totally forgiveable. Ü

Currently: Searching for the 3rd. The stocks [in my fave booksale outlet] ran out. Ü

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