Saturday, November 15, 2008

Presumed Innocent

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This gotta be one of my best reads ever. No, it's not because of extraordinary plot [I thought it's somehow 'old'] and no, it's not because of the way it was written [it drags sometimes]. It's because of the fact that despite all of the things above, Scott Turrow made me read it till the end. I don't know what it is in the book that just made me hold on...probably to know if Rusty [the lead] is guilty of the crime or not and if he isn't, who is?

It started very innocently. Actually, there's not much in the first, at least according to me. I read on because I heard it was really really great...and my roommate's excited that I'd finally read one of her faves. Then gradually, as I progressed, I thought that the first part was not really bad at all! It built the foundation of my obssession with the book's ending. haha. I mean, Rusty's obssession with the [murdered] Carolyn, not his wife, and the story of the investigations...all had impacts on whether I think Rusty innocent or not.

Well, like the jury, I presumed that he is innocent. Haha. Erase that, will you. I presumed him innocent then I'd know he's guilty and hope that nothing like that happened to him. Then I'd think he is innocent and would suspect others...and the cycle begins again. This is where the first part of the book [the part that I thought boring] comes into play. I judged his personality with those pages, Rusty's and the other characters' as well. And that made me drew up conclusions..conclusions that I know will remain unanswered until I finished reading the book. Heavens! haha.

The trials were a real treat. They made me decide that yeah, being a lawyer is really cool; being that smart is really cool; outwitting someone in a cross-examination is cool; having someone confess because of one's questioning is cool...Guess? I want to be a smart-ass lawyer someday. I was at awe during the whole process. I totally loved that part.

The ending? Oh my God. It was more than brilliant. Even though I was not surprised with the way the story ended, I had somehow foreseen that, with all of my conclusions it's not hard to have that one...but the way it was delivered was a bomb. it had me guessing until the last word. Then the truth was out...ah! was not that bliss? haha. Ü

Anyway, this can take me all night if I dont stop it. So...

All in all: Impressive. Great. Engaging.

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