Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ruby: A Novel

Got the image here. (Obviously)

I really liked way the characters, especially Olivia and Ruby, clearly showed the tendecies of the people who grieve and of those who are badly in need.

...and the way the promise of healing after a really devastating experience can indeed happen to everyone. 'Hanging in there' would help, but sometimes, one needs another person to rely on...and something to hope for to be able to continue and move one.

I also found the scenes from Olivia's past marriage reasonable. They somehow 'reason' out why she just cant live normally anymore. It's just that there were too many of them. But still, they were okay. Really.

The ending is okay. I have to agree with the Library Journal review, though. It is a bit anticlimatic. But, again, that's the only way there could be a 'happy ending', if you could call it as such.

All in all: Satisfying.

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