Monday, June 9, 2008

happy 2nd monthsary to my blog

okay.. the title basically says it all.. haha

anyway, as promised, this is the post for my second month here in blogger (blogspot). There are no special updates, except for : Tomorrow is the start of my first year in college. yeah. big deal. hehe

And, as my last post 'said', I am already in the dorm since last saturday..I made a few friends...and my roommate is just what I hope she'd be..yep. I am lucky.

And, I went with my former classmate and one of my greatest friends and saw a movie. hehe. I was just about 24 hours here (as of yesterday) and I've already been to a lot of places. I tried not to spend much...for I want to help mom and dad. Had a good time, nonetheless.

I am looking forward to Dan's "arrival" today. hehe. Then, we'll go and look for our classrooms. That'll be a lot of walking. hehe.

Anyway,I dont have so much time for now. I am just renting. No more free internet for me. aw.

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