Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am acepting my defeat..


The challenge? I cant do it. Aww.

I've been busy for my first week...and I cant imagine what the coming days have in store for me. I have been neglecting my blogs, have not read anything since saturday and the bookmark on my (where am I?) nth book has never been moved since saturday.

And so, I am announcing it again. I am not likely to complete the 100 books by May of 2009. But, in the spirit of trying (haha!), I am going to keep a list of my reads, still, and figure out where a year of busyness would take me.

Anyway, Christine from She reads books... said that she has already mailed my book! yay! I am just so thrilled. haha Who doesnt know? I have badgered everyone I know about it. haha. $-6 weeks! about a month or so. What a great birthday treat for me! ( i was born in July)

Ahm, what else? I'll be posting weekly...twice a week ifthe sched I am saying bye bye temporarily to my blogger...which I have probably done in my last post.

Till next weekend.

oh,and Happy Father's day tp every dad in the world. (I cant be with my dad...awww.)

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