Sunday, June 22, 2008

three and I am home.

I'm home for the weekends so I want to use this free internet and post some overdue updates.

Let me start with my professors. Ü God has been really good to me...He even guided me to pre-enlist in the subjects not under the terror teachers...or those who simply refuse to teach. Ü All of my profs are cool and they make me think for they inspire me to be on their level. haha. Ü

The next one would be the UP life. I must admit that I experienced many 'firsts' during my two weeks stay in the University. The first place where I ate beef and isaw. The first place that taught me not to adhere to the impulse of buying extremely cheap books and use that money for the jeepney fare. ...which taught me that carrying an umbrella is not just 'in' but is also a necessity. ...which taught me to sit anywhere, on anything that can support me (or on the floor, the sidewalk, the stairs). ...where photocopying the reading materials for one meeting costs me my allowance for the whole day. ...where I can go back to my room (where I sleep in) in the middle of a class and not be reprimanded or anything. ...where I get food and other stuff for free just because my student number starts with the digits 2008.

The last one would be the 19th book! yay. I am done with it. Ü It's as I did not admit that I can;t reach the mark. Anyway, i am gonna try. Ü The 20th is a bit thick and the other readings I have are also thick, so i guess I have to prioritize those other readings frst. Ü

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am acepting my defeat..


The challenge? I cant do it. Aww.

I've been busy for my first week...and I cant imagine what the coming days have in store for me. I have been neglecting my blogs, have not read anything since saturday and the bookmark on my (where am I?) nth book has never been moved since saturday.

And so, I am announcing it again. I am not likely to complete the 100 books by May of 2009. But, in the spirit of trying (haha!), I am going to keep a list of my reads, still, and figure out where a year of busyness would take me.

Anyway, Christine from She reads books... said that she has already mailed my book! yay! I am just so thrilled. haha Who doesnt know? I have badgered everyone I know about it. haha. $-6 weeks! about a month or so. What a great birthday treat for me! ( i was born in July)

Ahm, what else? I'll be posting weekly...twice a week ifthe sched I am saying bye bye temporarily to my blogger...which I have probably done in my last post.

Till next weekend.

oh,and Happy Father's day tp every dad in the world. (I cant be with my dad...awww.)

Monday, June 9, 2008

happy 2nd monthsary to my blog

okay.. the title basically says it all.. haha

anyway, as promised, this is the post for my second month here in blogger (blogspot). There are no special updates, except for : Tomorrow is the start of my first year in college. yeah. big deal. hehe

And, as my last post 'said', I am already in the dorm since last saturday..I made a few friends...and my roommate is just what I hope she'd be..yep. I am lucky.

And, I went with my former classmate and one of my greatest friends and saw a movie. hehe. I was just about 24 hours here (as of yesterday) and I've already been to a lot of places. I tried not to spend much...for I want to help mom and dad. Had a good time, nonetheless.

I am looking forward to Dan's "arrival" today. hehe. Then, we'll go and look for our classrooms. That'll be a lot of walking. hehe.

Anyway,I dont have so much time for now. I am just renting. No more free internet for me. aw.

first night in the dorm

Aww. I dont know what got into me last saturday night. I was just so sad and lonely and grumpy and teary and everything else that's negative.

Friday, June 6, 2008

art and an update

Okay, so I want to use the remaining hours of free computer and internet to the fullest. haha! So here are examples of what I am doing these past few hours. Ü

So there,haha. I know, they are just all childish 'doodlings'...but I felt especially attached to the first drawing. dunno why
- - - - - - > > >
Reading challege update: 17th book now done. Ü

friday fill-ins 1st edition!

1. Idle hands are dangerous (watdapak?!).

2. I love jumping (during cold mornings and I'm late and I'm still sleepy) in the shower.

3. My favorite time of the day is when the sun is just starting to set and I dont have anything to do and watch its progress.

4. The last tea I drank was C2 green tea (haha. bottledÜ).

5. I like to travel in the Summer.

6. My mother always said try and find a man who's just like your dad.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a TV marathon, tomorrow my plans include going to and staying in the university's dorm and Sunday, I want to locate the buildings of my classes!

packing up.

I guess I have to ready my suitcases sometime today. I would be leaving, oh too soon.

A gigantic wave of melancholy just swept me off to the sea...but I guess, I would be back to the shore and the wave would rock me, slower and slower...until I am finally rested on the sand and okay again.
I drew the suitcase using Paint.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ruby: A Novel

Got the image here. (Obviously)

I really liked way the characters, especially Olivia and Ruby, clearly showed the tendecies of the people who grieve and of those who are badly in need.

...and the way the promise of healing after a really devastating experience can indeed happen to everyone. 'Hanging in there' would help, but sometimes, one needs another person to rely on...and something to hope for to be able to continue and move one.

I also found the scenes from Olivia's past marriage reasonable. They somehow 'reason' out why she just cant live normally anymore. It's just that there were too many of them. But still, they were okay. Really.

The ending is okay. I have to agree with the Library Journal review, though. It is a bit anticlimatic. But, again, that's the only way there could be a 'happy ending', if you could call it as such.

All in all: Satisfying.

yay! I won!

The giveaway I told about some time earlier? Yep (as if there's another one! haha!), that's the one. Check Christine's post about it, here.

That's the best send-off gift ever! hehe. ÜÜ

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fair Exchange

Got the image here.
I have no words for the book except that I am disappointed that it is already the end of the story. I just want to keep on reading. It had me wanting to just follow what happens to the characters. Ü So, also from here:
Drawing on the secrets, lives & affairs of two of the most famous &
passionate figures of the late 19th century - Mary Wollstonecraft & William
Wordsworth - this is Roberts' most romantic novel to date, written in beautiful,
beguiling prose. In the early 1800s, Louise, a French peasant, fearing she is
about to die, calls for her priest. She has a secret to confess. Though the
priest is impatient, she wants to tell her tale from the beginning. It opens in
London in the 1780s, when Jemima Boote arrives at Mary Wollstonecraft's school.
Later she follows her beloved teacher to Paris, wanting to be part of the
erupting revolution & then - 6 months pregnant - retreats to the village of
Louise's youth. Her arrival coincides with that of another young mother-to-be,
Annette, who has been sent by her parents to the country to hide her disgraceful
pregnancy & to get over her infatuation with William, a young English poet.
In an abandoned convent they take up their waiting: waiting for their babies,
waiting for their men. While borrowing hints & facts from the lives of
Wordsworth & Wollstonecraft, the intriguing mystery of the lives that unfold
as a result of these pregnancies, is Michele Roberts'
own fascinating creation.
All in all: Intriguingly mysterious. Impressive.

Monday, June 2, 2008



I'll be staying in the dorm!hehe. weeeeeee...I am so happy.