Sunday, June 22, 2008

three and I am home.

I'm home for the weekends so I want to use this free internet and post some overdue updates.

Let me start with my professors. Ü God has been really good to me...He even guided me to pre-enlist in the subjects not under the terror teachers...or those who simply refuse to teach. Ü All of my profs are cool and they make me think for they inspire me to be on their level. haha. Ü

The next one would be the UP life. I must admit that I experienced many 'firsts' during my two weeks stay in the University. The first place where I ate beef and isaw. The first place that taught me not to adhere to the impulse of buying extremely cheap books and use that money for the jeepney fare. ...which taught me that carrying an umbrella is not just 'in' but is also a necessity. ...which taught me to sit anywhere, on anything that can support me (or on the floor, the sidewalk, the stairs). ...where photocopying the reading materials for one meeting costs me my allowance for the whole day. ...where I can go back to my room (where I sleep in) in the middle of a class and not be reprimanded or anything. ...where I get food and other stuff for free just because my student number starts with the digits 2008.

The last one would be the 19th book! yay. I am done with it. Ü It's as I did not admit that I can;t reach the mark. Anyway, i am gonna try. Ü The 20th is a bit thick and the other readings I have are also thick, so i guess I have to prioritize those other readings frst. Ü

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