Saturday, July 5, 2008

20th book! and Updates!

the thick thick thick book is done...(so are the other readings I mentioned in my last postÜ)! Anyway, I just want to post some updates for I've been away from any computer for two weeks straight. *ack!*

Hmm.. What to say? oh yeah... I became a member of a group without me knowing it. (scratch head) And then, I think they are about to induct me to a position. Yikes. I really can't have that! Darn.

And I had my forst long exam in Math 17. I did okay. hehe. Went completely bersek in arithmetic. haha. Anyway, I passed. haha. Ü

and I finally went home on my own. It's pretty simple, see. First, I'd take a jeepney ride to SM North Edsa. Then, I'd walk for about three to five minutes, while trying to maintain balance as I was carrying a big bag of my things and the road is slippery for it was raining. Then, I'd wait for like 20 minutes, praying that my clothes wont be soaked by the time the bus passes. Then, the bus comes, and I'd wave frantically and run (yes, run..rain, big bag, slippery road and all) until I catch up with it and hop in. Then, I'd spent the first half of it standing (the bus was full) and i wont be discounted as a student for that darn konduktor did not hear me say i am a student.

Anyway, for all that rant, all I wanted to say is that maybe it's better if I just go home on saturday mornings. hehe Ü

Then, I am beginning to be oh so worried for my ES 1 class. It's not that I dont like drafting or engineering drawing, it's the fact that it actually hates me. hehe. I stay more than half of the night trying to do my plates and none of them would be good enough to gain me a really good score. I mean, I am pretty happy for the grades I am getting, but not improving in something that you really work hard for is another matter.

Oh, and I would be needing a pen name! yey. It's for my Eng 1 class. Ü I am thrilled and 'determined' to come up with something that suits me. hehe. I hated the way that sentence sounded, though. hehe.

Hmm, I guess my post is quite long already. hehe. Ü got to go. Ü
review of the 20th book might be posted later. Ü

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