Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The second week.

Haven't experienced:
Still no homeworks [yay!]
Still no papers or readings or film viewing. [yay!]
Still no exams or quizzes [more yay!]

Already experienced:
Traversed two ropes. [whew! /pant pant/]
Slide for life. [OMG]
Lab experiment and lab report. [Is this right?]
Been to Daniw. Spoke with my mentors. [a treat!]
Gone malling! [yay!]
Spent cash on something not needed. [Boo!]
Read three books. [YAY!]

Still waiting for:
Angelica. [miss you roommate!]
Go anywhere with her ^^ [haha. gala.]
The Machine Exercise. [anxious-nervous]
Friday! [haha. I want to go home! /pout/]

Monday, June 15, 2009

God, it has been forever.

Tomorrow's the first day of school.
Thirty minutes ago, I could not quite place what I am feeling.
I am not nervous.
I am not excited.
I do not hate the world.
I am not missing my home.
(These are my usual feelings towards the first day of classes.)

Now, I think I know.
I am apprehensive.
...quite short to dreading it, actually.