Thursday, April 23, 2009

I pretty much started reading, again. plus 2 reviews

Mostly rereading, actually. I said I am broke, right? haha.
Fortunately, a bookstore was on a "buy-one-take-one" sale last last last week. So, with the little money I have left, I managed to buy two books: The House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton and The Sea King's Daughter by Barbara Michaels.

Got it here.

got it here.

So [for the two books :) ]:

I enjoy the narrative during the first parts of the two books. Unfortunately, as the stories unfold, they get more and more hard to understand. Maybe, that's just due to my ever-wandering mind..but yeah.

both fell short to becoming "good reads".

For The Sea King's Daughter, I did not like the way it ended...not the way it [the ending] was written, mind you. I sort of feel that the ending was not as mythical or mystical [that a word?].

For the The House of Dies Drear, I don' know. I just dont feel that strongly for it. Yeah. Haha. For my own mundane reasons.


Che said...


I feel for you.

I have a suggestion. You can contact this site for cheap books, just in case you haven't stumbled on the site. and i think they deliver, too.


nikKi said...

hey. Thanks. Ü

uhm, are you from the Philippines, too? sorry, can't seem to access your profile.

i'll check the site right away. Ü
thanks, again. Ü