Monday, April 13, 2009

The MAJOR Reading Fall out


I pretty much just stopped reading. hoho.
  • I don't have new books: I. Am. Broke. I am broke. Summer's gotta be fun!..sarcasm, that you? leave. not even for a please?
  • I can't stand reading anymore: what?! huh. hoohoo. Well, yeah, I'd rather sleep...or bum around. ye.
So, how can anyone continue any reading streaks with these? Haha. Hoho. Huhu.

There is something with worded emotions, ayt? ya. haha. love it.

Anyway, I was counting on the summer break to finally get my hands on my "books"..unfortunately, they [the books, not the hands] remain fragments of my dreams...huhu. Well, my brother does have some e-books...but, who can stand them? My brother, apparently...but not me. ya.

Then, there's this effing hot summer! haha. It has me convinced that i should be in the beach or something where I can swim..or just eating ice cream. yum! haha...and not reading and posting reviews about them. hihi.

hmm. As for something new:
  • I want to get all crafty this summer.
  • i want to be organized this summer!
  • I want to watch some series this summer!
  • I want to EARN this summer!
Those are just plain too many. Ouwee. huhu. I know I wont accomplish all that...worse, I may get stuck half-way through everything. hoohooo...

Anyway, for a really nice nice plan this summer:
  • Can you give me my love of reading..pls? pls? ya.

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