Friday, November 28, 2008

100th post in the 99th Ü

I am currrently 'buying' off my time till i write my 100th post. I mean, I might be new to the blogging world, but I somewhat know that it [the 100th post] is important! I mean, duh?! haha. So.

That's why I am here, writing nonsensical things, again! I am quite giddy with excitement about actually writing my 100 things about me [I think it's customary? no? i am still doint it anywa. Haha]

Hmm, let me just share that I gave in to the newest craze nowadays, entitled: Twilight. I dont know if I can be ashamed of myself more. haha. I mean, I have been talking my mouth off about how a love story can never just equal Harry Potter [forgive me, i am a can't-get-over-harry-Potter fan Ü]. But, almost everyone I know talks about it like it's really good and interesting and all that...and Edward Cullen was just to die for, so i was intrigued. Then, i watched the movie and all the previous desire to actually by an expensive book withered. haha. Can't emphasize my disappointment enough. Ü So I am now saying to everyone that I thought it's okay, but it's not for me so as not to admit that I wasted 160 bucks for something that I don;'t even want to think about. haha. beat that! Ü

Hmm, and please tell me how weird am I? When i saw the UK edition of the harry potter 6 earlier, i felt this guilt and then melancholy crept inot me. I sort of felt that i should be holdinig my own copy of the book now, rereading, for the IDK, but maybe because of the movie's trailer being out already...

Then, i figured out that I should just stop this...I am showing how I hate myself with this. Ü

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