Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Enrolled and oriented...exhaustion eats me!

Finally enrolled last monday! Got my Form 5A staped "Registered" and my tuition and fees for the first semester paid. Whew. I dont know if mom and dad still have money in the bank...hehe (nervous laugh.Ü).

It started with a College briefing. The Dean spoke to us and i was overwhelmed with her words. Apparently, it was hardest to stay in my department. Only about 50% of the of the students get to graduate. And yet, she said that if we manage to finish the course, it is guaranteed that we will land good jobs even though we have not yet taken the board exams. She said that it takes only one look in our credentials, that we graduated from the University of the Philippines, College of Engineering. hehe (again, nervously).

Then, we were advised about our subjects. My pre-enlisted subjects are okay, though I am still underloaded. I have to take Engineering Drawing 1 (ES 1) to comply with the required number of units for the first sem. Unfortunately, all of the schedules for ES 1 were in conflict with my other subjects. It meant that they have to re-arrange them. I am not too happy with the way my official schedule looks like. I have to really really run for it...If I dont, I wont make it to my next class. 7-10 AM, then 10-11:30 AM, then 11:30 AM to 12:45 PM...oh well, i just have to make the best out of it, I guess.

And I attended the Freshaman orientation Program yesterday. It was okay, though it would have been better if I do not live 4 hours away from the school. hehe. I have to board a bus and travel for 16 hours in the last 48 hours. Anyway, the emcees were good, the venue was good and program went well.

I was exhausted from all of thr bus and jeepney rides, but at least, now, I am enrolled and oriented...I am bound to start college soon! Pray for me, though...please? Two days of college doings and I am already travel-worn.

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