Friday, May 30, 2008

some updates...late and earlyÜ

I am now officially out of new books to read. /sob/

I bought 4 books (at a really good price) to read this past 2 weeks. Yes, you heard that from me...4 books? 2 weeks? and I am only at my 12th book when I decided that! darn. I. AM. DOOMED. haha.. Infuriatingly exaggerated: Yep, that's me. Ü

Anyway, passing over that (and coming back to my point) I managed to read them all (thankfully!) and now, without any prospect of buying 4 more books ( I am broke) and without anything left in the house that I have not read, I am now stuck.


Oh, and the 16th book's done!

Hmm.. what else? Oh yeah, the housing results would be posted today. Kalayaan, tanggapin mo ako! Parang awa mo na! hehe. I somehow wish that I would be accepted!!!!

And today's the end of the summer classes! (Not yesterday, the instructor had someting to do in Manila.)


J. Kaye Oldner said...

I didn’t find the post for the reading challenge, so I’ll post here.

Welcome to the 100+ Reading Challenge! :-D I have posted your link on the right sidebar of the blog. Another thing I am doing something, at least I think it is. I'd like to start posting the participating members favorite book for each month on the blog. Jan - May are already up. If you send me your favorite book and author of the book for those months, I’ll post it in the photo slider.

You are also welcome to chat with us on the Yahoo Groups. The link can be found at

Best of luck and above all, have fun!

nikKi said...

hi! thanks for starting this challenge! I finally can have some track of what I am reading. Ü

Oh, and thanks for adding my link to the sidebar! and for this welcome note! ÜÜ