Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Whew..finally. after several days of being silent, I am now returning to my blogs. Lately, I am being anti-downloading, anti-writing, anti-reading, anti-TV...and there's only one thing that occupied me these past few days. And that is...tadah! yeah, staring at nothing...contemplating on my enrolment on monday, and dreaming of the days to come. I can feel myself going fatter and fatter by the in I eat, lose myself into nothingness, then sleep...I've been a very boring slob, I know. Anyway, I am going to link some of my blogs here, okay? Yeah, as if someone can ever stop me...or as if anyone's interested..haha..Ü

Oh, and next friday, I am going to a weekend trip with my parents...surely by then, I will post many pictures...and write about how it excited.Ü

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