Monday, April 21, 2008

a soon-to-be-college-freshie's problems

What a nice way to start the day...haha...another rant? Anyway, I woke up at 5:15 this past morning...grabbed a piece of bread, then 'readied' my things. I then took a really cold bath (and it's summer!) then got dressed.

I am to go to my soon-to-be college and arrange a couple of things. No, to arrange two things:
  1. My medical certificate. I got through this one pretty much okay, except for occasional bites my tongue got for the retorts that I sort of want to throw at some people...Well, I guess, as my father says it, "everything is for your own development"...yeah, like being made something of a fool and you can't do a thing about it is a development thing...haha. Anyway, i can still take it. *stabs self* haha (weird, stabs oneself then laughs? *sigh*) And I was finally stamped as "fit to enroll". Ü
  2. The housing results. Word got to my friend that the results are posted on the campus. *sigh* Why did I ever believe it? So, I checked...and voila! It says there that it will be sometime, much later that I expected it would be. My parents are actually close to being "panicky" at the mo'...they keep on saying that i will never have a decent house to stay if I dont look for something else. Anyway, I am holding on to it. naks! haha. What a me, I don't feel it. haha. I just feel being too optimistic today. hehe.Ü

Then, after that, me (my brother and I) grabbed a bite at M*d*n*l*d*'s as if those * can hide it. Then, he took me to the bus terminal and I went home.

In short, I was pretty much on the road today...except for the time that I am trying to access the enlistment of subjects in the net.

rants, rants, rants...*sigh* and I am wondering why I feel down lately? hehe..Ü

Anyway, it's late. haha

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