Saturday, April 12, 2008

kudos to you chammy!

I've been to a shrine situated on a mountain, today, with my family. We went so that we can show my future sis-in-law the sights here. I have been up there for a couple of times as, yearly, tons of people climb it on foot for a pilgrimage. It was just sad that I couldn't have explored the place, it being near to our place, for it was hard to go there, the climb was me, the day after every pilgrimage would be really really, uh, achy? in every limb in one's body would ache terribly....and we didn't have a suitable car to use before.

But now, after the van was sent to the shop, overhauled and believed that it could climb the mountain where the shrine stands. The rest of us were a bit apprehensive about it. What if it overheats while it's on a charp curve or something? Of course we have to walk the rest of the way up...and we have a guest!

But chammy, our van, did not let us down. Sure she was slow on steep roads but still we reached the shrine as smooth as we can ever hope for...and once we were there, overlooking half of the province, we hoped that we did not doubt the van at all. Ü

So kudos to you chammy..Ü

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