Thursday, April 17, 2008

The gift update

This is Cooger. My teddy/son that my bestfriend gave to me over a year ago. Brent, Cooger's counter teddy/son basically looks the same except for a wrong twist in the right foot.

I still haven't come up with the right gift for my bestfriend...and I am about 7 hours away from seeing her again...maybe the last time before we go to college in June. Maybe, I should just write her a letter, asmy already suggested last resort, make it good and maybe she'll really appreciate it. My bestfriend is not the mushy type, you see. Yes, she cries every now and then but she'd the type who might just call letter writing corny.

I posted cooger here for I have been looking at him for like hours, thinking and thinking and thinking and coming up with nothing. *sigh*

I guess, it will be the letter. Yep, the letter. Ü's funny that I made the decision here and not earlier for even as a I write, i am having doubts on the gift...

and here's another of Cooger with my favorite pillow, taba (fat)Ü

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