Wednesday, April 16, 2008

phone bill disappointments (my bill, mom's disappoinments)

NOTE: this post was written without any attempt at making it more understandable. haha. I just wrote whatever popped into my mind. sorry for the headache readng it will cause you. Ü

I just seen my bill for the phone plan. It seems that my usage (call and text charges) is not even half of what it must be. I cant understand this for I am a heavy texter and I call someone every now and then.

Now, mom is the one who pays for my phone plan. I just felt that she is disappointed for I haven't exactly used more of what she pays. Oh, I have the consumable apply for it, accepted, they give you a new phone (depending on the 'size' of your plan), you have a sure free load every month, and you pay for the plan amount and excess consumption.

haha. I know it's vague, so an example: I have the P400 plan (lowest plan amount possible). I got a new phone for the application. I will be automatically charged P400 every month, but i also have free call and text load worth P400. In short, if all my calls and texts amounts to P400, I just have to pay P400...if I have excess consumption, I have to pay for them, of course. Ü

haha. Sorry if I made an explanation. It's just that, I dont know how phone plans are carried out in the other countries...ÜI just really have to explain. Ü

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