Tuesday, April 15, 2008

two things in one

Thing # 1

Here's my life's new joy...this summer, at least. Ü I found this (the plane, not the book) at a local store and it only costs P30, about .6 of a dollar.
The design is pretty basic as the pieces already had wedges (?) and they were numbered in pairs so you already have a clue on how to put them together.

Some of the pieces were loose so I glued some of them ...too bad, the propeller had to be glued, too...so it wouldn't budge. It turned out so nice that my plans of giving it away to a younger cousin vanished as I looked at it completed for the first time. I know, selfish me, poor kid.

I have always been a fan of model figures, like ships, planes (like this) and others that are assembled, displayed but never played with. I have always wondered when I can afford them for I heard that they are pretty expensive. But with this? oh I am in cloud nine!

Hoping to get more designs, soon!

Thing # 2
It's the effect of the camera flash...I just think that it is awesome. Ü One can see the "illuminated" parts of the pics as well as the dark areas. Ü
Oh, another great thing about this was mom actually let to borrow the camera for the my blogging. She says that I can use it as long as i dont just leave it lying around...
Summer is turning pretty interesting. Ü

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