Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Church Hymns/ Religious Songs

This particular church hymn, though I have been hearing it for years, just struck me. I saw how beautiful it really is and it became one of my favorites. It is in another language (Tagalog) but I'll translate the most essential line for you.Ü

"Panginoon Ikaw,

Ang Kasibulan ng buhay.

Puso'y dalisay


"God, You're the spring of life.

You're heart remains pure forevermore."

Maybe because it is spring*, the people rejoicing for the growth of plants, welcoming the sun and going out for trips for the snow has quite melted... Maybe it is because of these wonderful things, these promises of nature that she will grow back in time after the cold has past...that I 'internalized' what it (the hymn) all meant.

God is the spring of life. Through Him, we are renewed..after the chaos, after being lost in the dark, we are all certain that He is there...just waiting for us to come back to Him.

*It's spring in the other countries.Ü I live in the tropics with only the sunny and rainy seasons...but nonetheless, I am enjoying the sun and the flowers it brings.Ü

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