Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I need a gift for my bestfriend...

...as she recently celebrated her birthday. I've never given her a real gift except for sometimes when we exchange purchases that are basically the same, like cooger* and brent. They are our sons (teddy bears) that we bought from the same store, on the same day, at the same time. We just exchanged and said that it was a gift. Brent and cooger turned 1 last February 6. Ü

Last year, I bought a really neat card for her...and wrote a nice birthday message. We were attending the review classes, then. I dont know what became of me at that time and I totally forgot about it! I even put it between the pages of the notebook that I was going to use for the review...the notebook disappeared from my mind, too. *sigh

I went out with mom earlier...remember the iced coffee and the clubhouse? Yep, they were pushed through this afternoon. The clubhouse was so-so, I need to try the others before making a fair comment...but it wasnt what I expected it to be. And the Iced cafe mocha was pretty much okay, so we had a really nice time. Ü We took a stroll among some stores to find a gift for my bestfriend, but I just could not find any.

If i dont come up with any idea before thursday, I might just write her a letter and give the one-year old card and explain what it is...might be a laugh. Ü

so, any suggestions?

*my teddy. Ü

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