Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Moving on...

I have started some of the things that I ought to be doing...finally.

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It just occured to me that I am nearing the 100th post. Haha. It actually took me several months to achieve that. Wow. Hahaha. I thought that by the rate that I was doing last April and May, the 100th post was just around some corner. Anyway, 14 more to go after this one before the customary 100 things bout me.

That's something to occupy me for a time. Ü

- - - - - - > > > >

Tomorrow, mom and dad will have an out-of-town trip. I was so bitter! huhuhu..I mean, I was really looking forward to being dragged along that trip. Whatever. Anyway, I myself will be going somewhere this Saturday. I hope it'll be good. Ü

- - - - - - -> > >

I am really nervous of a major subject for the next sem. I need that subject!!!!!!

- - - - - - > > > >.

later, my classmates and I will be spending the afternoon together. Don't ask me how, I don't know, but I supre hope that it'll be fun. We don't need to be awkward after missing each other's company ang looking forward to this kind of gala again.

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