Saturday, September 12, 2009


In a hypocritical effort to stay awake all night, I went out and blogged. Well, to be more general, I went online.

I dont know if I will make it on time for the curfew, or if I will be "more alert and awake" by the time I get home, or if I will be able to review at all...but, yeah, I am online.

Anyway, another thing I dont know is if I will have the capacity to pass the exam tomorrow. Darn, I am beginning to really fear it...and the fact that I will go to the cheerdance competition tomorrow cant change that. Hm. Somehow, I am feeling the need to escape and not sit that exam though I know that the alternative [sure finals, as I am still hoping to be exempted] is more, uh, scary.

I can't discuss this directly with my parents but there are times that I think I cant afford to stay in my course...or even in my school..which is downright sad, I know.

- - -

Anyway, I must go back to the house, I cant let them lock me out. :D

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