Sunday, September 20, 2009

prodding that artistic side to come out. Ü

For several days, I have been obssessing about my artistic side to come out and manifest itself. I tried and tried in several fields: music, drawing, photography, writing.

So, here's a report on my "progress" so far:

In music - I try to sing more and more for I had proven that lack of practice makes one sound, uh, ugly. Haha. Sorry for that term. Also, I am continuing my guitar lessons, which aren't going very far, for I can only play when I am home and that's not very frequent. Anyway, at least I am making an effort, ayt?

In drawing - uh, this is area where I can say that I practice most. I mean, doodling is effortless! My creations lie amidst vectors and wonder they all look anything but happy! haha. Here are some of my recent doodles [I used a G-tech with .3 tip, that's why the lines are sooooo thin]...which arent much to look at but I like them, still. Ü

pissed/nonplussed. happy/giddy. surprised

this is me last wednesday! haha

In photography - I only use my phone [which has a camera] in taking pictures, but I am determined to make them [the pics] look good. As you can see from the pics of my doodles, haha, I am failing miserably. Ü A sample of one of my few [possibly, this is the only one and it is not much] decent pics.

In writing - erm, I can't say I did anything on this. Every writing activity I engaged in is purely academic, and are all boring. Haha.

I guess, it is just practical to say that my artistic side is just nonexistent for there are still zero signs of it. Haha. But! These things make me happy...happier than I actually been this whole sem, so I think, I am going to continue this!! :D

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