Sunday, May 10, 2009

Being Silly.

I saw something today. It made my heart flutter, it got my brain thinking of some uncalled for thoughts.

I know I can't pay the price if I acted upon one of those thoughts.

So here's me saying that I wont do anything regarding the thing that I saw. And here's me wishing circumstances have been different.

It's funny how life turns out the way we never fathom it would. I know it would not happen, not in accordance to my liking [heh]. I know it would not be worth it to even try.

I guess, I'll just keep on pushing the feelings and the thoughts [the thing I saw] evoked and pray that in time they will be forgotten.

I saw a pic of me and of a good friend. it's on his page. the primary pic. normal people would say it's nothing. But I guess I am anything but normal...and that I think I have feelings for my friend.

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