Friday, May 29, 2009

So much for a proper post.

It has been almost a full month, I guess, since I posted something real..not a meme, but a real one with real updates. Hm.

So on with this.
  • I sort of received some news saying that I wont be staying in any of the dormitories inside the university.

Flashback: I stayed in the Kalayaan Residence Hall all of my freshman year. I mean, I am from Bataan, a province 3-4 hours away from UP. So I re-applied for my 2nd year. Unfortunately, when my mom called and asked if I was accepted, they said I wasn't. Back to present: So, me and my family would be in QC on Sunday morning, looking for a new house. Hm. That would be interesting, I hope. But really, I am hoping that they just made a mistake in checking the names. Hmm.

  • My aunt and cousin are coming back to the Philippines this sunday..

So, after that house or room or aparmet hunting, we will head to the airport to welcome them. Ü They're from the Middle East and I am really looking forward to meeting them again.

  • Have I posted some pics of me having curly hair? well, haha, here are some. Ü

Sorry for blurry quality. So there, yeah, I now have curly hair after several years of trying to make it straight. Ü Vanity anyone?

  • I'll enroll on June 3..and I could not keep myself from wondering, "how did I survive my first year?"

It was a hell of a first year..haha. I mean, living away from my family for the first time, attending classes in UP, taking up ECE, despising math, despising chem, despising english! haha. My best-liked subjects were a nightmare! hm. Haha. So, I am lookin forward to my 2nd year, really. But yeah, I am scared...very much so.

  • I want a pair of sneakers! haha.
  • I want to renew my faith. in God. in my family.
  • I want a new blog design. Haha. Ü
  • I've started light crafting. really really light crafting. hm.
  • I want to eat out with my hs classmates. again. I really do miss them.
  • I am probably going to Pagudpud on July 4. I just wish I'll be finished enrolling then. heh.

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