Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have to agree with that "mind-fucked guy" in Wanted

[the lead]

"The best thing [of living the most insignificant and the sorriest life there is] is that tomorrow, it will start all over again."


Crappy way to start the week, I know...but I watched Wanted [again] over the weekend and was not bored with it, so..hha

I should be studying my pink fingernails off...haha...but, yeah..haha..



I heard the life story of a marvelous woman...how great and how happy or active her life seemed to be..and she's gone now..

A plan of mine just got busted...

then, I heard from a long lost friend...

...I feel totally unconcerned..haha..

I am feeling pretty dumb right now..ahah..not numb..just dumb..or whatever I am feeling right now..

- - - -I am truly sorry for this post..

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