Friday, January 9, 2009

the Virgin issue.

Someone sent me this message in my FS account last week:
"Hey. I know you're a VIRGIN!! I know I angered you there."
[notice the caps lock]

And here's something of my reply:
"I am just 17. Duh. I should be. And I am not can I be, when I am proud to be one? You're pathetic. haha"
And then he answered again:
"Hey.Thanks, you're not angry. What do you mean by pathetic?"
[his actual words]

I have not replied yet. Does his last message say that he purposely did that to make me mad? Did he intend it to be like an insult?

Well, if he did and it was all an attempted insult, that make his second account of pathetic-ness! Haha. 50 days in a growing-up school. haha.

For the record, I truly am not angry. I was in fact amused at how grown ups [he's older. duh. haha, so redundant, nikki.] can act insanely childish at times. I sort of chuckled when I read his first message. I laughed out loud when he replied back. That was before I realized that he might meant it was an insult...and that was I think, foul to my beliefs.

okay, I read that last part and I thought i should explain a bit. I am proud to be a virgin and 17, but I do not condemn nor think differently of those who do not go with my beliefs. I am just proud I held on and, yeah.

But that does not mean that I will take it lightly when I am being insulted or something. I mean, sex is never a prerequisite to being rightly human, is it?

This whole issue sort of just made me see how narrow-minded he can be. tsk. tsk. i thought only some teenage boys are like this. haha.

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