Saturday, February 7, 2009

I wish I had gone to the mall, right after...

my lunch with Uncle Japhet. Haha.

For if I had, I would sit the exam later with a happy happy heart..haha. I dont know why but I am so inlove with malls, even though I rarely buy..haha. Ü I just love strolling, my thoughts to myself, thinking what the others are thinking, sitting on the huge sofas and just minding my breathing, which would then be labored, for, I believe, I am thinking about it.

Here I am trying to will the hours away before I have to go back to the dorm and review...again [!] for I feel that what I accomplished in two readings is not enough to make me pass the exam later. Haha.

But before that, I have to meet a friend...for the first time. She will be the one who's, I think, gonna be in charge with me during my first days in the Opus Dei...I will be joining, have i told that here? Maybe not..

And even before that, I am determined to wait for my Wordpress blog to open. Arrgh! I've been trying for at least an hour or something. Think I should just give up? Haha.

I am so craving for the smell of home. Or even of the bus....Haha.

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