Monday, February 23, 2009


Every week, I get on that ride to the university hoping that I'll see you the following weekend.

. . . . hoping still. Haha

- - - ->>
I was a bit disappointed earlier...I saw some of your friends, only you were not with them..haha. Why do I sound some pathetic girl who's over-swooning over [haha, love that] someone. Well, I guess, maybe I am.

This started with my bestfriend's problem..haha..I was talking to her and trying to find out what it was or how could I help...and then she told me what her problem was...two weeks later, I also have the same problem...haha..somehow less complicated than hers, though. Ü

But I really dont think that I am over-swooning right now....maybe during highschool, I was....but now, I just miss being able to catch several glimpses of you, hearing snippets of your conversations with yor friends...I just missed the two of us being in the same school. That's all.. Haha. I am just missing you..haha. sorely so.

- - - ->>
Tomorrow, the hoping starts will go on for the rest of the week until I go home next weekend and alas, all of it will most likely be crushed.


cheerful, still...though.

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