Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why Am I

Why am I looking forward to the day that I will move from one house completely on my own? The idea of packing away my things and then loading them into my car and then opening the door of my new place and then unloading the car and then unpacking the boxes and then arranging the house.

I am excited about the day that I will sit on my clustered living room, having supper with myself, tired, grimy, and planning how the next day would go.

Yet, I have some experiences with moving...two times my whole family moved from one place to another, and then now, I am living in a place all too far from them. All three I had [still having] problems coping up. I always feel homesick or something like that. I sometimes remember the smell of our old house and would feel very very nostalgic and would wish that we are still living there.

So, it is really really odd for me to feel this way. I do. So I am odd. and outta myself. Ü

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