Thursday, February 12, 2009

Only, I did not.

I finished my MP yesterday, at around 5 pm...

Flashback, flashback:

I went back to the university last Monday, several hours after I put my last post up. I was feeling panicky, for I had not accomplished anything: my MP still wasn't working, I hadn't reviewed for the upcoming exam [heck, I still have not today...the exam TOMORROW!], and I had not sleep well...the very thing I was most hopeful about.

I resolved to just rest that Monday night...saying "I'll figure out a way tomorrow, that's for sure"..haha. If only I knew...haha...that Tuesday will come and go without the promise of an MP.

Then, yesterday, two people went out of their way to help me be logical. I could not have been more thankful. Haha. It was just at about lunch time yesterday that I figured what algo to use..hehe. Ü

Back to present:

Here I am, typing away...doing the inevitable...having fun [blogging is fun, yes?] after some, uhm, hardship[?]..haha.

So, later, I will print the lectures for the exam tomorrow and hope again that I'll be able to go through all of them tonight.

Happy Friday the 13th! hehe..

oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday to my MOM [tomorrow]!!!

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